Tuesday, 12 August 2014

It's that time of year again..

when godwits return, Hobbies fledge, and I submit work to the Society of Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibition (SWLA) for near-certain rejection.

Maybe this year I will sneak one in- last time I had one that got a "nearly accepted" sticker, with a kind note telling me that it was booted for having a crap frame.  So this year a new framing strategy is in place!

Of course, there are other wildlife art societies and exhibitions out there,  but for the most part they are looking for tigers and wolves painted off photos etc.  So SWLA remains the one too strive for...


Ken Januski said...

Best of luck to you Ed. You certainly deserve to be in.

I was very happy to be in during the two years that I was accepted but I had no idea that such good artists that I knew had been rejected. I guess it's hard to have much of a sense of what it is really like from my great distance.

I won't be taking up any wall space this year though. I didn't apply last year due to the huge expense of courier service to get work there and back. I decided to go ahead and try again this year only to find that the tax implications and work involved for someone living overseas were just too much to deal with, like finding a UK tax representative, registering as someone who sells in UK, etc.

So I'm sad that I can't possibly be in this year but I certainly wish you the best of luck with it. As I said you deserve to be in.

ed keeble said...

Ken- that's very kind of you. Sadly I have had the message of doom and all are rejected this year- but I have learned not to be disheartened and to bash on!

Ken Januski said...


Well I'm sad to hear that. And I'm really surprised. But you do have the right attitude in terms of not being disheartened and just bashing on.

I think success, of some sort or another, always comes to those who just bash on!