Saturday, 28 April 2012

the silver fox

These digital sculptings may not be the real thing from an artistic perspective- but definitely fun to do.  Here's a fox designed on computer using sculptris, then transmitted down the wires as a digital object to a 3D printer sculpteo , in this case to be rendered in silver.  They work their magic by rendering it in plastic to a few micro mm. below the intended size, then adding a layer of silver on top:  then finished beast despatched by post.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Two shots at getting this drake Garganey memorialised before new spring excitements wing their way in (I'm hoping Dotterel next, to continue the whitestripes theme). I played around with some angles on this one with head turned, but actually most of the time I was watching him, he was bang side-on: so I decided to paint him that way and not try to be clever.

Some very intriguing images as he fed his way through the reeds- filed away for another day.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

enough with the Smews

windy day- Smew at Abberton
Into April and I have just about got the winter's Smew out of my system. The male-in-the-middle got more and more prominent as I trowelled on the paint, which was not quite the plan as per the rough draft in an earlier post. But I've decided to go with the flow and so here he is.

Gallery of Smew images here: edkeeble's smugmug (Smew)