Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hobbies Hobbies Hobbies

It's been that wonderful week when Hobbies fledge and all is chaos around a selected hedgerow oak. Here's my local male, who has the happy habit of sitting up on a dead branch and catching the low morning sun as I motor past on the way to work first thing.  So it would be rude not to stop and wish him good morning.  Happy days!

I saw the female whip in a couple of evenings ago, pass a dragonfly to a juvenile who dropped it, at which she flipped into a loop, caught and re-presented it with silky ease;  just perfect.  Here's a long distance digivid. of some action, just for atmosphere:   Hobby vid.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

stepping out

I'm slightly trapped for technique at the moment- not sure whether to stick with wet and splooshy painting, with the light shining through from the unpainted canvas or paper, or press on with something more like an oil-painting method and paint in the lights with thick and creamy colour.

Here's a bustard from the Hungary trip, looked promising when mapped out in wet, but hasn't quite turned out as richly as I had hoped in the final version.  Still a marvellous beast though, as stately and monumental as the church behind.
Great Bustard, Kiskunsag